Webinar: Malnutrition in the elderly population – often an overlooked health issue

With increased life expectancy, new challenges and needs arise. Diseases affect the elderly population to a greater extent, and it is not unusual for the elderly to have several different diagnoses that affect their nutritional status. The body’s ability to absorb and utilize available nutrients is also naturally affected by the aging process. Studies show that older adults need a higher protein intake to support good health, maintain functionality and promote recovery from illness.


The dietary content of essential amino acids, in particular the amino acid leucine, has been suggested to have a positive effect on protein synthesis and the maintenance of muscle mass, muscle strength and physical function in the elderly. 


Nestlé Health Science would like to invite you to an educational webinar on this important topic. During the webinar, our lecturers will go through new knowledge and new opportunities to improve the nutritional status of the elderly.

Note! The lectures will be held in English.


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