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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy learning more about Nestlé Health Science, our     products and services.

Nestlé respects your right to privacy in the world of the Internet by using Nestlé sites to communicate     with us. We have implemented all necessary measures and we use our best efforts to preserve safety     the personal information you provide us with. We always strive to comply with local     privacy and protection of your personal information. Home     Home     This Privacy Policy defines the data processing practices adopted by Nestlé in relation to the use of the     Internet and any other electronic communications networks. Home     Home     Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that you are aware that Nestlé Brasil Ltda is     control your personal data. In essence, this means that we are responsible for personal information     that is providing us. The principles set forth in this Privacy Policy apply to all those whose     It is incumbent to control this type of information in the Nestlé Group. Home     Home     The answers below can tell you about your rights related to your personal information, and the     Nestlé adopts to preserve the privacy and security of this data. We hope you are     information is useful.
    Home     In the event of any request regarding your personal information or any     described here, please contact Nestlé at


We have developed this Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to find the answer to a     question.


1 - What personal information does Nestlé collect through this site and how does this information         are collected?

We only collect personal information that you are willing to provide us or that are necessary, to     services we offer you. We collect personal information such as name, email address     as well as indirect information through cookies; your connection, and information about your computer system. Home     You can provide us with your email address, name, phone number, etc. so we can send     information about our products and services; inscribe it in our contests or research; or just keep it     up-to-date with Nestlé's stimulating advances. Home     In addition, you can develop your career at Nestlé and apply for the vacancies offered by Nestlé,     sending your resume to our online recruitment sites.     Nestlé takes all necessary steps to preserve the security and privacy of all information     Personal Sent


2 - How does Nestlé preserve the security of your personal information?

Nestlé takes all necessary measures to preserve the security and privacy of all your information     personal. Only the authorized personnel of the Nestlé Group, Third Parties - Companies that are not part of the Nestlé Group -     (service providers) authorized personnel of our business partners (who, by contract of     confidentiality, agree to preserve the security of all information) have access to your information     personal. All Nestlé staff are required to comply with the Nestlé Group Privacy Policy, as well as     all third-party employees who entered into confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with us. Beyond     In addition, Nestlé maintains confidentiality agreements with third parties of companies that have access to their     personal information to ensure that the security of this information is preserved. To protect your     personal information, Nestlé has a secure Information Technology environment and takes all necessary measures to     to prevent unauthorized access (for example, intruders, hackers, etc.). Home      Please refer to Question 4 - Who the Nestlé Group allows access to your data         personal identification and why? .


3 - For what purpose does Nestlé use your personal information?

Your personal information will be used for the sole purpose for which you provided it to Nestlé.     This information will also be used to administer, provide support, and obtain your opinion